2520-Year “Seven Times” – Resources

‘Historicist’ Books on the ‘SEVEN TIMES’ (2520-year) punishment, exile and restoration of the Jewish Nation

Based on prophecies from Leviticus 26, Ezekiel 4, Daniel 4 and Daniel 9

Remarks on the Book of Daniel and on the Revelation (That the prophetic periods of Daniel and John, all terminate in 2520 years from the first of Cyrus, and 1890 years from the birth of Christ) – by Samuel
, [1747 – 1813], (Published April 1794) (alternate download link)

Brief commentaries upon such parts of the Revelation and other prophecies as immediately refer to the present times. In which the several allegorical types and expressions of those prophecies are translated into their literal meanings, and applied to their appropriate events …
by Joseph Galloway [1731-1803] (Publication date 1802)

Brief Commentaries Upon Such Parts of the Revelation and Other Prophecies as Immediately Refer to the Present Time … by Joseph Galloway , Hugh Blair (Publication date 1809)

The Even-Tide: Or, Last Triumph of the Blessed and Only Potentate, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords being a development of the mysteries of Daniel and St. John, and of the prophecies respecting the renovation of the kingdom of Israel. John Aquila Brown, London (published in 1823)

The Sacred Calendar Of Prophecy – Vol. 2 by George Stanley Faber (Publication date 1828)

Our Day In The Light Of Prophecy by W.a Spicer (Publication date 1929)

The theory of prophecy: as it respects more particularly civil establishments of Christianity … by Alfred Addis (Publication date 1830)

A Dissertation on the Prophetic Scriptures, Chiefly Those of a Chronological Character; Shewing their Aspect on the Present Times, and on the Destinies of the Jewish Nation by Matthew Habershon (Publication date 1834) (alternative link)

An elucidation of the prophecies, being an exposition of the books of Daniel and the Revelation by Joseph Tyso (Publication date 1838)

Illustrations of prophecy : particularly the evening and morning visions of Daniel, and the Apocalyptical visions of John by David Cambell, (Publication date 1840)

A treatise on the chronology, and the prophetical numbers, of the Bible, in a letter by Duncan Macdougal (Publication date 1840)

An Historical Dissertation of the Prophetic Scriptures of the Old Testament chiefly those of a chronological character shewing their aspect on the present times, and on the destinies of the Jewish Nation by Matthew Habershon (Publication date 1840)

A guide to the study of chronological prophecy by Matthew Habershon (Publication Date 1941 AD) (alternate link)

An historical exposition of the prophecies of the Revelation of St. John; shewing their connection with and confirmation of those of Daniel, and the Old Testament in general; particularly in their most important aspect on the present times by Matthew Habershon,1789-1852 (Publication date 1841)

A Practical Guide to the Prophecies: With Reference to Their Interpretation and Fulfilmint, and … by Edward Bickersteth (Publication date 1841)

Age of the world by Richard Cunningham Shimeall (1842)

Our bible chronology, historic and prophetic, critically examined and demonstrated, harmonized with the chronology of profane writers : embracing an examination and refutation of the theories of modern Egyptologists … by Shimeall, R. C. (Richard Cunningham), 1803-1874 (Publication date 1867)

The last week; or, Things which must shortly come to pass, as revealed in the seven-sealed book …by C P. O,(Publication date 1867)

The Times of the Gentiles Being the 2520 Years from the 1st year of Nebuchadnezzar B.C. 623 to the 1260th year of the Mohammedan Treadong down of Jerusalem A.D. 1896 by Joseph Baylee (Publication date 1871) [alternate download link]

Interpretation; rules and principles assisting the reading of the holy Scriptures by Samuel Richard Bosanquet (Publication date 1874)

History and revelation, the correspondence of the predictions of the Apocalypse with the marked … by James H. Braund (Publication date 1875)

The Apocalyptic histories: in plain language and chronologically arranged… by Edward White (Publication date 1879)

The message from Patmos .. by David Scott Clark [1859-1939] (Publication date 1879)

Thoughts on the times and seasons of sacred prophecy by Thomas Rawson Birks (Publication date 1880)

The approaching end of the age viewed in the light of history, prophecy and science by Henry Grattan Guinness, 1835-1910 (Publication date 1881) (alternate manuscript – 1880 version)

The Prophetic Dates: Or the Days, Years, Times, and Other Epochs Spoken of by the Prophets … by J. J. Cleveland (Publication date 1883)

Judah and Israel, Or, The Kingdom of the God of Heaven (Dan. 2-14) as it is Now by H L Chamberlain (Publication date 1887)

The great importance of the sabbatic number seven, as connected with the characters, actions, and events of the Bible by Royse, P. E. (Pleasant E.); Ferris, Arthur (Publication date 1890)

Joshua’s Long Day and the Dial of Ahaz, a Scientific Vindication and “A Midnight Cry.” by Charles Adiel Lewis Totten (Publication date 1890)

A critical commentary on the book of Daniel by Alexander Arthur (Publication date 1893)

“Israel my glory” : or, Israel’s mission, and missions to Israel by John Wilkinson [1824-1907] (Publication date 1894)

Our near future; a message to all the governments & people of earth by William A. Redding, 1850-1931 (Publication date 1896)

Our race : its origin and its destiny by Totten, Charles Adiel Lewis, 1851-1908 (Publication date 1896)

The coming of the great king .. by William Houliston (Publication date 1897)

Millennial dawn by Charles Taze Russell, [1852-1916]; (Publication date 1897)

The Fulness of the Nations by Herbert Aldersmith (1898) (The Fulness of the Nations is an examination of the biblical promises given to the ten tribes of Israel—promises which must have a fulfillment in the last days. It also contained the prediction that 1917 might be the year of Jerusalem’s deliverance—an event which came to pass precisely as suggested with the Balfour Declaration) . Produced/reprinted by Mark Wattchow. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit here

Thoughts on the Apocalypse by Benjamin Willis Newton (Publication date 1904)

On This Rock OR The Certainties Of Faith By Henry Grattan Guinness (Publication date 1909)

The kingdom of God and the kingdom of the heavens, as seen in the illustrations of the parables of our Lord Jesus Christ, setting forth the resurrection of the dead and work of the future life, to its consummation in glory by Francis B Harris (Publication date 1913)

The years of 1914 to 1923 in Bible Prophecy by Thomas Troward, [1847-1916] – Publication date 1915

Bible interpretation, or, The Bible its own interpreter : word studies
by John A Lansing (Publication date 1916)

The Visions of Daniel and Revelation Explained by Ernest Peter Cachemaille (1917)

Prophecy, the war, and the Near East by George Harold Lancaster, (Publication date 1918)

Footsteps of Israel by Samuel Greenwood (Publication date 1922)

Further Light on the Time and Manner of the Second Coming by Harold Norris (1925)

“The Times of the Gentiles” or Prophecy and History by Basil Stewart (1927)

Daniel’s Predictions by W. Edmund Filmer (1979)

Hope Beyond the Holocaust by Brian Day (1982)

Time and Prophecy, 1995

Multiple Fulfillments of Bible Prophecy by Matthew Verschuur, Craig Savige (Publication date 2014)