Neo-Historicist Prophecy Books from Eastern Light Publishing

The following works offer Neo-Historicist views of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, and other topics related to the study of the Byzantine Apocalyptic Tradition.

Seven Times Unto the Consummation

A Neo-Historicist Interpretation on the “Times” of Daniel and Revelation

The Encyclopedia of Christianity in the Book of Revelation

St. John’s Revelation reads today like any history book on the Church since the time of Antiquity.

The Interpretation of the Book of Revelation

A Full Commentary of Revelation by the Father of Neo-Historicism – Apostolos Makrakis

Hellenism and the Unfinished Revolution

Apostolos Makrakis early Eastern Historicist views on Daniel and Revelation based on the “Megali Idea” with the future full completion of the Revolution of 1821.

Papal Primacy and the Innovations of the Roman Catholic Church

Changes by Rome since the Great Schism of 1054 AD are examined in detail through the scriptures, the Canons of the Church and testimonies of the early Church Fathers.

The Day of the Christ Pantocrator Sky

Revisiting Nostradamus’s Famous 1999 “King of Terror” Prophecy

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