My Books

I recently published my first two books titled  – The  “Seven Times Unto The Diaspora Consummation” and “The Encyclopedia of Christianity In The Book of Revelation.”  Both books examine many of the of the obscure prophecies of Daniel and Revelation which predicted events such as the exact timing of the Jewish return and restoration to Israel, the Fall of the Roman Empire, and the major heresies of the Church in the past 2000 years.

Both are available in Kindle e-book format and paperback from Amazon. They are also available through Apple, Barns & Noble, Kobo, Playster and other E-readers. You will find them on Book2Reads

Here is a picture of the front and back of each book.

Seven Times Unto The Dispersion Consummation - eBook Cover

Seven Times Unto the Dispersion Consummation - Back Cove.jpg

Encyclopedia of Revelation Cover (ebook).jpg

Encyclopedia of Revelation - Back Cover.jpg