Neo-Historicism is defined as a new post-modern method of reinterpreting the Apocalypse through a historical perspective.  Historicist scholars view prophecy as a continuous fulfillment of events throughout history up until the Second Coming of Christ. Neo-Historicism, however, looks from the second century through the present with a New Eastern Orthodox Historical examination, as compared to the more traditional Protestant-based Classical Historicism interpretations published from the 16th-to-19th centuries which tended to focus more of a Western European-only view of events in history centered around the Protestant Reformation.  This “Neo” view of Historicism is much more balanced with describing events in both the Western and Eastern Roman empires throughout history, and key events in the Middle East. The Neo-Historicist method presents a logical alternative to the Futurism and Full Preterism schools of thought for interpreting apocalyptic prophecy.